Tenant Placement Service in Monterey

Our Tenant Placement Service for long-term rentals is comprised of the following services:

  • survey subject property to estimate likely rental value and advise Owner as to any improvements that are necessary or recommended in order to obtain the highest rent the market will bear;
  • advertise subject property on Monterey Bay Property Management's website and approximately a dozen other websites; place For Rent sign on property;
  • coordinate cleaning and minor maintenance if needed (with property owner's prior approval); coordinate duplication of keys and/or changing of locks if needed;
  • coordinate and facilitate applicants viewing property;
  • review applications, perform background and credit screening of applicants, verify employment, interview past landlords of applicants; interview applicants and select the most highly qualified;
  • prepare lease agreement; review lease agreement with selected applicant and obtain signatures on lease and other documents as required by law;
  • prepare and provide to applicant required federal, state, and county disclosures; secure signatures and/or receipts where required;
  • collect first month's rent and security deposit from tenant; provide tenant with keys, other opening devices, and a move-in inspection form.

The Tenant Placement package, including our Survey Service and all of the services listed above, is available for six percent (6%) of the annual lease amount.

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