Owner Services

Our mission: to make being a landlord rewarding, to make being a tenant a pleasure, and to insure that our staff has fun doing both!

As your property managers, Monterey Bay Property Management always has your best interests at heart. As owners of rental property ourselves, we walk in your shoes. We are concerned that we have good tenants who care for our properties, that the properties are as financially productive as possible, and that the properties are well-maintained by qualified people for reasonable prices. We want the same for your properties. And as we work toward those goals, we intend to have fun and enjoy our endeavors. We appreciate your support of our goals, and we are glad to have you as part of our team.

Save $$ on maintenance!

Remember, you can keep maintenance costs down by checking on these items while you are at your property:

  • Re-stock hangers in all closets.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs.
  • Re-stock bulbs to fit all fixtures.
  • Replace kitchen linens, potholders, dish towels, sponges.
  • Change smoke detector batteries.
  • Stock vacuum cleaner bags, belt.
  • Clean furnace filters.
  • Be sure TV and CD/DVD are working.
  • Change remote control batteries.
  • Drain a gurgling hot water heater.
  • Operate small appliances - Coffee maker, toaster, blender.

Has your home been a vacation rental long enough to have become cluttered with games, old paperbacks, videos, and magazines?

While it is great to have those things on hand for guests, they can make the unit look sloppy and create more items for your housekeepers to dust! Dispose of those items as they become tattered - new ones will appear!

Long-term owners (and Vacation/Corporate owners, too!): Click here for a list of some optional services we can offer to improve your property and increase your income. There may be some services you need during the course of management of your rental that are not covered by the scope of your management agreement. No worries! If we don't do it, we know who does! And we know how to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Vacation/Corporate owners: On the left is a list of things you can do while at your property to keep your maintenance costs down. Vacation and corporate guests can be extremely particular, and they count on everything to work properly when they arrive. We do everything we can on our part to make our guests stay as smooth as possible, and you can make everything that much more efficient by following these simple tips. Thanks!

Not yet our client? Click here for information on our management services, and/or email us at info@MontereyRentals.com  to ask specific questions or to request a call from Monterey Bay Property Management to discuss the rental of your property.

Please stop by the office and see us when you are in town. We love to see you, and you may even get lunch! One owner stopped by recently as I was walking out the door to go to lunch, so I took her with me so we could chat about the business! I welcome the opportunity, so don't be shy!