3 Bedroom Walk To Beach Beach House

Beachouse — Pacific Grove

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2018 Readers' Choice Award for Monterey Bay Property Management
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Departure housekeeping service does NOT include: Removing spots (such as coffee, wine, and food) from carpets, rugs, and upholstery; unclogging sewer lines due to paper overload (or items other than tissue put into toilets); cleaning major food spills or baked-on food from appliances; cleaning BBQ; washing/loading dirty dishes; moving furniture back to its original place; window washing to remove fingerprints; laundering multiple sets of sheets and bath linens; removal of paper, food, or foreign items from gas fireplace; removal of sand and pine needles from hot tub (where applicable). If your rental has a hot tub, please wash sandy feet before using, and keep it covered when not in use. - All landscaping, furnishings, appliances, and all mechanical, electrical, gas and plumbing fixtures will be properly used by all occupants, and Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals will be immediately notified of any problem or malfunction. 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All occupants will leave the Premises immediately and forfeit any security deposit.

This house is nothing short of AMAZING! The house is beautifully furnished, had all the amenities needed for our stay, and felt so comfortable. The master bedroom is spectacular! The huge walk-in closet and en suite are classy and gorgeous! And the view...WOW! If you are staying in the Monterey, Pacific Grove area, this house is the place to stay.

Luann from Colorado Springs, CO

2600 sq. ft. | 3 Bedroom | 3 ½ Bath | Sleeps 6 (1K, 1Q, 2T) Max. Occupancy 7

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Set sail for the ultimate vacation: you'll be "king of the world" in this amazing beach house. With panoramic ocean views in every direction, this eco-friendly home is perched like a ship atop the powdery white sands of the Asilomar Dunes. Professionally decorated with luxe furnishings, if features a modern kitchen, a sheltered patio, and ocean views from almost every room. Upstairs there's a master suite with a Cal King bed and a second guest room with a Queen; the lower floor has a third bedroom with two twins. There are five flat panel TVs in the home.

Asilomar Beach - at the gateway to Pebble Beach - offers some of the most stunning scenery on the California coast. Spend your days exploring tide pools. Take long walks on the boardwalk. Play golf, visit the Aquarium, or surrender to the charms of Carmel. At close of day, head to Spanish Bay for a sunset libation. Then come home, light a fire, and fall asleep to the sounds of the surf.

NOTE: This is a quiet residential neighborhood (no loud noise or events are permitted). 

The Beachouse is located in an environmentally sensitive area. The California Coastal Commission does not allow walking on the dunes, as plants can easily be damaged - but there is a great sandy beach just down the road for your enjoyment.

Pacific Grove Transient Use License #143

Features & Amenities


  • Ocean View
  • Near the water


  • Kitchen - Full
  • Laundry - In Unit
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Parking - Off Street
  • Garage
  • Luxury


  • King Bed
  • Queen Bed
  • Twin/Single Bed (2)
  • Sofa Bed


  • Internet - Wireless [Free]
  • Telephone
  • Free Long Distance
  • Free Local Calls


  • Beach - 5 Min Walk
  • Surfing - Nearby
  • Golfing Nearby
  • Day Spa - Nearby


  • Deck/Patio
  • BBQ Grill [Gas/Electric] - Private


  • Refrigerator - Full Size
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Ice Maker
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker
  • Tea Kettle


  • TV - Standard Cable/Satellite (5)
  • DVD


  • No Pets Allowed
  • Smoking Not Allowed

Room Descriptions


Set sail for a beautiful vacation!


Asilomar has coves, beaches, coastal trails and a boardwalk for exploring.


Sunsets and moonrises over the Pacific. Asilomar Beach is just down the street.


Gorgeous gourmet kitchen

Living Room

Luxurious home at Asilomar Dunes

Living Room View

Ocean views throughout.

Dining Area

Dining table seats six


Asilomar Beach is just down the street

Master Bedroom

Dawn to dusk ocean views from the master bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master bath with tub and walk-in shower

Second Bedroom

Guestroom Two with Queen bed and a private bath with shower

Second Bathroom

Three full baths plus a powder room

Third Bedroom

Guestroom Three has two Twins

Third Bathroom

Third full bath downstairs has a large walk-in shower.

Family Room

Media room downstairs

Powder Room

Powder room


Sheltered outdoor patio has a gas barbecue

Entry Area

Professionally decorated, and it shows


Short stairway to bedrooms


Master wing is a few steps up from the living room


Walk to the Fishwife Restaurant and Phoebe's Cafe


Designer touches throughout



This home was a vacation in itself!!

Reviewed by Rachelle

Date 10/16/2019

Beachouse was everything and more than the pictures on the listing. From the moment you walk in the front door you are in for a treat! It is gorgeous!! Super clean and views from most rooms. The kitchen had high end appliances and was well stocked. Although we did not use it, there is also a gas grill on the patio. We spent more time in the home than we anticipated because it was just so lovely...the owner has board games as well as some dvds for family time. We loved the fact there was a washer and dryer along with plenty of fresh linens as well. The home was perfect for our family of 6. The master suite is spectacular!! The views and hearing the waves crashing from your bed....wow. The other 3 bedrooms are nicely appointed but if you’re traveling with couples...someone in the group is hitting the jackpot with the master! We enjoyed many walks down to the beach to sit, walk, explore tide pools. Deer walk right past you...it was kind of shocking. The location of this home is perfection if you want accessibility to beach, golf (Pebble Beach courses, Poppy Hills and Pacific Grove are all just a short gorgeous drive away ) aquarium/Cannery row area. Our family had an incredible time in this home and would highly recommend!!

Everything We Needed

Reviewed by Donna

Date 09/17/2019

My daughter and I had a very lovely time at Beachouse. It was quiet and so close to what we came for...the ocean. We enjoyed the lighthouse and walking through Pacific Grove and left well rested.

Beautiful Beachouse!

Reviewed by Luann

Date 09/11/2019

This house is nothing short of AMAZING! The house is beautifully furnished, had all the amenities needed for our stay, and felt so comfortable. The master bedroom is spectacular! The huge walk-in closet and en suite are classy and gorgeous! And the view...WOW!If you are staying in the Monterey, Pacific Grove area, this house is the place to stay.


Reviewed by Dave

Date 09/05/2019

This house was fabulous, beautiful views and vibe. The house itself is very comfortable and really clean; one of the best rentals we've stayed in, great value for the money, and we we have booked many vacation home rentals the past 5 years.If you are going to Monterey this is the place to be.

Pacific Grove Beach House

Reviewed by Jeana

Date 07/20/2019

Lovely, well-equipped home in a quiet neighborhood.


Reviewed by Tricia

Date 07/11/2019

We had an amazing time in Monterey. Love the area and this house was fabulous. It was perfectly located in a relaxing area very close to the water and a short drive to town. It was clean, modern and comfortable. Perfect for our family vacation.

Amazing property, location and views!

Reviewed by Elaine

Date 06/13/2019

Perfect central location to visit big sur, Carmel, 17 mile drive and Monterey! The house had breathtaking views of Pacific Ocean. We walked to ocean every night to watch sunsets along with our seal friends. Saw deer on the property every day. Our family of 6 really enjoyed the accommodations and we will definitely return!

I Was A House Rental Skeptic!

Reviewed by Dee

Date 05/09/2019

Now I’m a believer! The house was beautiful, nice and tastefully furnished. It was very clean, rivals any 5-star hotel, and with the comfort of home! Debra, our contact at Monterey Rentals, was very responsive, answered all questions promptly. Great view of Monterey Bay from the house, easy walk to the beach (even for those of us how aren’t in great shape). Easy drive (only minutes) back to into Monterey for dinner. We’re already talking about renting again!

Spectacular House!

Reviewed by Veronica

Date 03/29/2019

This house is so much prettier than the pictures on the website! Miles of gleaming hardwood floors with more than enough space for our party of 4 adults & a 2 year old. Everything was in tip top shape. We enjoyed the Viking 6 burner gas cook top & the huge Subzero fridge & the easy access to the garage with our own remote. The beds were comfortable with super smooth sheets. One day, we saw 3 beautiful deer walking through the dunes. At night, the moonlight lit up the waves in the ocean. Just can't say enough good things about this spectacular house. Thank you, Debra, for taking care of all of our rental needs.

A lovely spot

Reviewed by Anita

Date 03/25/2019

The beach house was perfect for us. Adult kids and parents and grandparents. Grandpa and wife got the master suite and they were very happy with the great view. Location excellent. Kitchen well equipped. Living-dining-kitchen space perfect for hanging out together. Fireplace fussy but help came right away to fix it for us. Beautiful walks along the shore. Close to aquarium, Point Reyes and Carmel Mission- all of which we enjoyed.

Amazing house

Reviewed by Stacy

Date 02/04/2019

House was fabulous! It was beautiful, close to the water and it was very clean!! The views were great and it was a quick walk down to the water. The house was stocked with everything we needed and we very much enjoyed ourselves. Hope to return to the beachhouse one day!

Amazing Home

Reviewed by JARED

Date 01/27/2019

This home is an amazing value for what it provides. Gorgeous views, location is perfect - short short walk to beach, you can hear the waves with windows open, and all finishing touches on the home are of the best quality. Highly highly recommend.

Absolutely perfect getaway house!

Reviewed by Gayle

Date 12/12/2018

This house was a perfect choice for a girlfriend trip to the Monterey area. Even though we had several activities planned while on vacation, we would have been happy staying home and enjoying this property. We found it beautifully decorated, furnished with everything you could possibly need, and very clean. The location to the beach and area sights was great too!I highly recommend this house and hope to return next year!

Beach House

Reviewed by Robert

Date 09/22/2018

Great House---clean and neat.

Driveway is very demanding for a van to back out or turn around but a small car should not be a problem

House needed more water glasses and Red wine glasses only had White

Only problem a few black marks on walls going upstairs

Finally the cleaning crew did not sweep patio--cob-webs on furniture and pile of feathers in corner of deck area .

Rest was just beautiful

Great views !!Very up-to-date !!!Great house !!!

Far beyond our Imagination!!!

Reviewed by Rob and Julie

Date 05/30/2018

Pictures of this property and the surrounding dunes are breathtaking; unbelievably, the real thing is even better!! With blinds and windows open you can both see and hear the nearby surf. From every room the natural Asilomar dunes are visible, and the beach experience is just a short stroll away. And then there's the inside of the house! The kitchen is gorgeous and better equipped than my own, the bedrooms are comfortable and quiet, the gathering area has seating for all - I really could go on and on but will sum up with the following: this is a must see, we will be back.

Lovely and serene Beachouse stay!

Reviewed by Allison

Date 03/24/2018

Our family of 4 enjoyed our stay (despite heavy rain almost every day!) The location was perfect. The house was magnificent with lovely wood doors and floors - the kitchen was very nicely stocked with all of the amenities we needed. We were able to enjoy a meal outside on the back patio which was private. The neighbourhood is very quiet, yet we were able to easily drive out and even could walk to the aquarium as an outing. The beach is only a couple of minutes from the end of the driveway and you can walk left or right for variety. More than once, deer were seen right outside the front door which was a thrill each time.Thank you for a memorable stay!


Reviewed by Martin

Date 03/08/2018

Beautiful house in a perfect location. Large, quiet, and with all the amenities you need for a relaxing stay.

Beautiful home a block away from Monterey Bay -- so comfortable, awesome views

Reviewed by Kay

Date 02/25/2018

Our group of 7 (2 families of 3, plus Grandma) stayed at the Pico House for 3 days in February. The location was fantastic, it's very quick drive to either the heart of Carmel, or Cannery Row area of Monterey. But very quiet location and an easy 5 minute walk down the block to the beach. Our favorite activity was walking down to the beach to look at tide pools, climb on the rocks and look at the sunset. The house itself is so well outfitted with all conveniences that we ended up eating in 2 of the 3 nights. We loved sitting in the living room with it's fantastic views, enjoying the sunshine, plus everyone joining in at the big kitchen to prepare meals. Can't say enough good things about this house. My teenage son stayed on the sleep sofa in the media room and he loved having his own "space". Plenty of bathrooms for everyone in this house, and we parked the 2 cars in the garage. We will be back!

The "Boat" House

Reviewed by Ann Marie

Date 02/05/2018

Amazing location, couldn't ask for better accommodations. My group of four thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The views from the upstairs bedroom are breathtaking - each morning we enjoyed sitting reading the paper and sipping our cup of tea. Afternoons spent walking the pristine coastline taking in the fresh air. Leisurely day trips into town or down the road to Carmel - optional, however, this home is a place to feel right at home. The kitchen is well-stocked and we ate in more than out.

This was our second stay at the Beach House and I would highly recommend it. One minor flaw was the DVD player did not function, we brought movies but didn't seem to care that we couldn't watch them!

Wonderful HOliday Stay

Reviewed by Carrie

Date 01/08/2018

My Family and I had a wonderful 9 day stay over the Holidays at the Beachouse. The Beachouse is exactly as pictured and advertised. The Gourmet Kitchen was fully stocked with everything you need to cook wonderful family meals. The walk down to the beach is worth the effort several times a day! A Wonderful Vacation and Holiday - Thank you!

Fabulous amenities in this home and location wonderful

Reviewed by Patti

Date 10/13/2017

We stayed four days at this home and it was not enough. The home was very clean and well stocked. Easy walking distance to the beach and fantastic views from the master suite. The location was great and easy driving to all Monterey has to offer. We would definitely stay here again.

Great View!!!

Reviewed by Bean Mom

Date 08/26/2017

The view from the master bedroom is fantastic. The kitchen/family room is spacious and well appointed. Conveniently located. Highly recommended.

Awesome experience

Reviewed by John Parker

Date 07/30/2017

The entire experience from booking to check out exceeded our expectations. The location was top notch, quality of the property was reflected accurately and the responsiveness of the staff above reproach. I can heartily recommend both this property and the Monterey Bay Property management staff.

Wonderful Stay!

Reviewed by Anne B

Date 06/04/2017

This home is up the street from Asilomar State Beach, where you can walk along the ocean on the walking trail. This home has been beautifully updated, the owners put a lot of thought and care into the update. The kitchen is beautiful, large, and has all the amenities you will need, it is open to the dining room and living room which is very nice, we had several meals at home and those who were preparing meals were able to visit with everyone. The home has three bedrooms, the master bedroom has the best ocean view in the house, it has a large walk-in closet, large bathroom and the bed was comfortable. The second bedroom is on the same level as the master, it has a full size bed and it has it's own bathroom with shower, the bed was also comfortable. The third bedroom is on the ground level with twin beds, the guest staying in this room mentioned that the beds were uncomfortable. The home has a small media room with a pull out sofa. We had a wonderful stay and Debra was wonderful to work with.


Reviewed by Jan

Date 01/16/2017

The beachouse was amazing. It is great for a long weekend getaway with friends or family. The huge family room /kitchen was fantastic. Loved cooking meals and still being able to talk with people. And the Master bedroom was unbelievable. Huge windows in the master bedroom and great room with views of the ocean! Great location too. Close to Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Monterey. Had Hikes at Big Sur and Pointe Lobos. And of course th daily walks along the ocean at Asilomar Beach. Along with daily otter sightings. And the people at Monterey Rentals were so nice. Even gave us some ideas for hikes in Big Sur. I highly recommend the Beachouse.

Great Monterey Stay!

Reviewed by Kathleen

Date 11/19/2016

The house is about 200 yards or so up the street away from Asilomar Beach. with the windows and/or sliders open you can hear the crashing of the waves - really soothing. The house has everything you need for 6 to 8 people with bedrooms and bathrooms for all. The master bedroom and bath are very large - calling them a master suite doesn't do them justice. great morning walks down to the beach to watch the sun come up. Very short drive into Cannery row along the ocean (saw 3 whales driving in), or over to Spanish Bay Inn to listen to the bag-piper close down the day (very good food and drinks). We will definitely be staying here again!

Outstanding home in great location

Reviewed by Jacalyn

Date 10/18/2016

This is an excellent home in a good and quiet location. It has high end amentities and is beautifully furnished. It was clean and everything operated perfectly. The arrangements through Monterey Rentals were simple and easy to follow. I highly recommend this home for your vacation in this area.

Beach house review

Reviewed by Ann Marie

Date 09/20/2016

This was a nice home in a nice area. The two disappointing things I felt were it is a multi-level floor plan so elderly people will not appreciate that as you are constantly going up and down stairs. Aside from that the TV/entertainment system is badly in need of updating. In the family room there was one small, maybe 40" TV with no surround sound system at all. They had a TV room but again, a small maybe 45" TV in a small room and no surround sound. Finally, for the master bedroom, which was large and had great views, there was a TV in cabinet that sat at the foot of the bed and again no surround sound. Of the three TV's I have mentioned, that was the best set-up. Overall I have given this 4/5 stars. Updating the TV and adding surround sound would take it to 5/5.

Great house!!

Reviewed by Joanne

Date 09/28/2015

My family stayed in this gorgeous house for a week while in California for my sons wedding. We were so pleased with the house that we will definitely rent it again if we return to the area. The kitchen had everything that we needed, the bedrooms were large and comfortable (the master bedroom is amazing) and the open floor plan was very spacious with views of the beach. It has a nice patio with glass protection on one side that made it very comfortable. The pictures of the home on the website are completely accurate. Do not hesitate to rent this home; you will not be disappointed.

Weekend away

Reviewed by Marc I

Date 03/23/2015

This property is one of the few places I've stayed where I could say both "this is a quality property" and "I could live in this house". Very well maintained, only the tiniest of issues, better than any nice hotel even. The people at the rental office were very nice. We had six adults (3 couples) stay for 3 days and everyone was very happy with the house, the grounds themselves as well as the location. The master bedroom is a super showpiece room with huge closet and fantastic bathroom. Really nothing bad to say about it.

The dream vacation in the best house!

Reviewed by MSE345

Date 06/01/2014

The house was excellent and beyond - everyone admired the location (spectacular ocean views from every room), the space was open and most functional, the furnishing and decor - contemporary, new and with excellent taste! WE had fantastic times in the house form dining and dancing, to sitting on the patio, and watching sunsets! Great place!

great place for those with children

Reviewed by riannaau

Date 05/23/2014

We loved the beachhouse and our family had a wonderful time here with our children. It is much better than staying at a hotel.

Pros: very close to Monterey Aquarium, Fisherman's Wharf, and Dennis the Menace Park. beautiful home with lots of space to entertain (although I am not sure if you are allowed to host a party), great staff and 24 hr maintenance service, and provides lots of kitchen materials for cooking.

Cons: even after paying around $250 for cleaning fee, you are still responsible to do some cleaning (towels in hamper, dish in dishwasher, and take out the trash)....this made us a bit stress out on our departure. Also, the beds are way too soft. none of us really slept that well on them.

But despite all that, we would recommend this house to others and would love to stay again.

The Beachouse was for us, our home away from home

Reviewed by Anne T

Date 05/16/2014

A great value for your dollar, this home near the beach in Pacific Grove matched, if not exceeded our expectations. It was a wonderful "get-away" for us and our friends without feeling like we had to compromise our own standard of living! This very well appointed home had all the details one would expect from first-rate craftsmanship and in comfort. The location was perfect....near the beach, but off a quiet residential street which lends itself to some privacy. With plenty of activities available only minutes away, it's impossible not to enjoy your vaction no matter how many days and nights you decide to stay. Next time we rent this home...it will be for an extended period of time.

Beachouse Stay In Pacific Grove

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 04/11/2014

This house is absolutely spectacular...even better than the pictures on the rental site. Perfect location for walking along the ocean in Pacific Grove and enjoying ocean views from every room in the house. No close neighbors are also another plus Plenty of gathering space in the house, whether inside or outside. The master bedroom and bathroom are a treat in their own right and the master bedroom is a super place to snuggle in and watch the sunset with a glass of wine and your honey.

First home rental - exceed my high (Four Seasons, Mandarin, Rose

Reviewed by mandabanker

Date 04/09/2014

if you ever thought @ renting a house I would suggest starting with this one (our first); the views and finishes are top notch and much, much better than anything nearby (and I've stayed @ Pebble Beach before)

areas for improvement: better linens/soft goods (mattresses, pillows, sheets, towels, etc); also, be careful backing out of the driveway - it's narrow (esp with a large SUV!)

logistics were easy - an all-around tremendous vacation experience for our family of five (with kids)

50th Birthday Bash!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 03/18/2014

The house completely lived up to our expections - the owner spared no expense in decor and amenities. Pictures of house looked great on website, but do not do the house justice when see it in person!Only issues we had were we could not locate any pot holders, kitchen toweles worked in a pinch and an extra fridge in the garage would be a great addition for extra water,sodas and beer!An added luxury would have been to have had a hot tub in the back patio...what a view, especially at sunset!!Price per night was very reasonable and we would definitely consider staying there again!Management was great to work with...very accomodating and responded to all of my email questions in a very timely manner!

Manager Response

I'm so happy you had a great birthday at Beachouse! Rest assured we have re-stocked the home with pot holders - thank you for letting us know.

Beach access, Baby!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 02/24/2014

This is a beautiful home right near the beach for easy walking distance back and forth. The deck offers great views of the bay - bring binoculars so you can see the whale spouts! Beautiful, comfortable home to hang out in as well! Gourmet kitchen fun for cooking and hanging out to talk. Plenty of room to come together or get some time apart. Wonderful stay! A bit on the expensive side, but we decided to spoil ourselves with the proximity to the beach! :-)

We had a great month at the Beachouse, it is a great property.

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 02/19/2014

Great home in really good location 1block from the asilomar Beach. The downtown of Pacific Grove is close and getting to highway 1 is very easy.

The kitchen and family hearth room is very nice. And the patio off the kitchen with gas grill is handy. We would have loved a fire pit and hot tub to really round out the enjoyment of the patio as it has great ocean views

The bedrooms and baths are all great and the master bedroom views and deck are really nice. The two car garage is really beneficially when walking back from the beach.

We would go back in a second and would for sure suggest this home to friends and family

What a stay!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 01/18/2014

Breathtaking views, a stroll to asilomar, fabulous kitchen,sunsets out the window, what more could be said?An amazing house for entertaining guests.

Fresh and modern take on a beach house

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 01/18/2014

Our party of three couples thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this property. The great room/kitchen and the master bedroom are the focal points with giant windows overlooking dunes and the crashing surf below.

The master suite is unbelievable. I really had no reason to ever leave it. It did get cold up there over night because of all the windows but it made us sleep soundly and we didn't bother to change the thermostat.

The house is well appointed with top of the line appliances and well-thought out plumbing and lighting. The kitchen itself was missing a few essential tools, which was incongruous considering the top end appliances. No matter; we made do. I meant to make a list of equipment to be added to the cupboards but it just didn't happen.

We loved the location, just a short walk from asilomar Beach. The street itself is quiet and we had deer in the dunes outside the deck one morning. I absolutely loved the color of the dunes in the early morning - under the blue light of the winter sun the dunes almost looked like snow. And we had a great view of sunset from the great room windows.

Everything was exactly as pictured on the website. The second bedroom was smaller than we expected, and there was some discussion as to whether the bed was really a queen or indeed a double. The third bedroom on the bottom floor is not discussed much on the website. On the ground floor as you enter the house from the garage door is a series of three small rooms. A bedroom fitted with twin beds, then a beautiful bathroom with walk in glass shower, then a small media room. It was almost a self-contained suite for our third couple who arrived to spend just a few nights during our trip. The rooms were fresh and clean, and our friends were very comfortable even though they had smaller beds than they would normally expect.

Check in and out was seamless. We can't wait to return!

Manager Response

Thank you so much for your comments. We've added more kitchen tools, Tupperware, etc. (if future guests notice anything missing we encourage them to call our 24 hour maintenance line - we'll have the items delivered!)

Very Nice

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 01/12/2014

Upscale and spacious house. Nice distant views of the ocean. 5 minute walk to the ocean. Hot tub would be a great addition. Will definitely come back.

The Beachhouse is located in a perfect vacation setting!

Reviewed by Kathy

Date 01/05/2014

We loved the location and the house--the kitchen was equipped witheverything we needed--excellent commercial appliances, 2 dishwashers and the large island was perfect. The view around the deck was lovely--deer parading thru the property in the early morning and evening--incredible sunsets! 24 hour service-- if there was a problem--really made us feel that Monterey Rentals was on top of everything.

Great family vacation

Reviewed by Indiana Family

Date 12/08/2013

Beautiful home, less than a block from the beach. A shape, great features in the house. We loved the kitchen decoration. Great ocean and dune view from the house big windows. We had a great Thanksgiving, we prepared the meal in the house. The Freezer (newly installed Sub-Zero) initially did not work, however, we got a quick service to repair it.

beautiful house

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 12/02/2013

The house is great, quite with million dollar view. Two minutes walk to beach, so not far but avoid the traffic noise from the road along coast.It has everything you need and everything is at high end.

Only complain has nothing to do with the house. The rental office entrance slop is too steep so when I drive in/out the parking lot of the office, bottom of my car keep scratching with the curve.

Carmel beach wedding.

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 10/15/2013

My daughter was married in Carmel on the beach with the reception nearby after. The beachouse was perfect setting for her and the bridesmaids to get ready, as well as first look pictures at the beach nearby. The home was elegant and the deck provided marvelous views, including a whale spout and breech. Deer were nearby in the morning and late afternoon too. The setting was wonderful for a family gathering honoring the bride and groom the day after too. Only issues were slider screens with holes (new ones in garage), gfi not working, so neither did kitchen counter outlets, and BBQ LPG tank valve frozen, making BBQ unusable for planned afternoon usage. Otherwise, all was beautifully done, including open floor plan, gas fireplace, bar, gourmet kitchen, master bedroom and bath, bedroom with in suite bath, new interlocking stone driveway, and deck/patio areas. Would be perfect for several couples getaway.

Manager Response

We cannot stress this enough: when our guests have problems we hope they will call our 24-hour line so we can fix the issue while they are here, instead of after they depart. We could have had a handyman at the house within 30 minutes to "unstick" the barbecue valve and reset the breaker to the GFI plugs.


Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 10/15/2013

The Beachhouse is absolutely beautiful and very comfortable - very contemporary and beautifully designed. There were five of us (Gals Golf trip) and we decided that since we had this beautiful home in a great location (1/2 block from ocean), we would buy groceries and eat there. We didn't want to leave. I would recommend it highly and have done so already.

Very nice place to get away.

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 09/20/2013

The house has a great view of the ocean from the master bedroom and living room and all the bedrroms.Very clean and well kept.Nice and new looking.3 full bathrooms was great for our family. The extra TV room came in handy for cartoon time. We did find that it was rather skimpy in the kitchen with serving dishes or storage food containers to store food in the fridge. So bring your own. On the high side for the cost of the rental. Automatic blinds in the bedroom a must. The manually pullies was a pain especially for so many windows. Disappointed that there was no fire-pit as that was shown in the pictures when we rented the place.Back patio could use more furniture. Pretty bare out there. We did use the fireplace in the house everyday which was great. Altogether I would recommend.Enjoyed watching the deer everyday hang out around the house. Having the beach trail across the road was great!!!

Beautiful beach house

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 08/26/2013

Beautiful house, well equipped with lots of space for the family. Incredible views and walk to gorgeous nearby beach.

Beautiful and Comfortable

Reviewed by Ray,Debbie,Katie,Amanda and Chuck

Date 08/07/2013

We stayed at this beach house for 3 days in July to aug 2. The home is beautiful and comfortable. We felt right at home. The kitchen, great room space is wonderful for the whole family to gather together and enjoy food and the view. The master bedroom is wonderful and roomie. We all slept very well in the beds. Our oldest daughter and her husband walked to the beach everyday and enjoyed how close it was. Location is great for day trips to Big Sur and Pebble Beach Golf and the 17 mile drive.

Beautifully appointed, private spacious home made us feel like l

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 07/22/2013

House was great overall. A couple of suggestions:1. Replace the mattresses in the downstairs twin beds. Fine for kids but not adults.2. Consider installing motorized system to raise and lower shades in master. So many windows make it a real pain, plus the system tends to jam, break.3. Move the stereo tuner upstairs where the speakers are to make it easier to operate.

Fabulous Beach Rental

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 07/15/2013

Excellent rental in a fantastic location. Tastefully decorated and very comfortable. The house is in a quiet location and only a few hundred yards from the beach.

To improve the property further I would increase the outdoor area and add a hot tub. The kitchen could also use some superior kitchenware. We also found the blinds a little flimsy and they were not adequate enough to block out light.

Service from booking agent was excellent.

Wow We did not want to leave!

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 05/07/2013

What a great house. The photos were lovely, but we were a bit skeptical it would look that way as a rental property. We had several friends visit throughout the week, both local and across the country and everyone was totally amazed. Not only was the property beautiful, all furnishings were high quality and the best maintained rental property we have seen. The house was well stocked with all the needed items. I prepared many meals in the well stocked kitchen and was impressed with the variety of items available. Realizing I have accustom to a well stocked kitchen, the only recommendations would be serving pitchers (I purchased and left two Rubbermaid - but nice glass ones to serve ice tea/juice/sangria would be nice) and some small serving dishes for condiments or dips (something like a set of ramekins would fill this need). The bake ware was great, having cookie sheets was unexpected, and they doubled for large serving trays for salad as well. We did have a problem with the internet, and not only was it handled quickly and efficiently, but with utmost concern for our inconvenience. We were all very impressed. I was able to host a gathering for some of my local coworkers and the house perfectly accommodated a buffet dinner for 16 - with sufficient glassware and dishes. It could not have been more perfect (except for plastic pitchers for beverages!) We left the house to check into the Lodge at Pebble Beach for the weekend so we could play golf. The reoccurring comments for all those involved were "Who would ever thing that moving to Pebble Beach would be a down grade"

Thanks for everything - truly a wonderful experience for all involved. Please feel free to share my contact information with anyone needing information on the property of your service. I am one extremely satisfied customer.


Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 04/30/2013

We recently stayed for the week at this amazing home. The house is perfectly located, close to everything but also beautifully isolated in the dunes, close to the beach and easy drive into town. The great room was perfect for us - 2 little kids easily watched while cooking, etc. The beds were sooo comfortable, and the view from the master bedroom was amazing. Easy to get to the aquarium. Loved loved loved this house, will definitely stay again.


Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 04/02/2013

Location is perfectthe view is amazingThe home condition and design is better than in the web.


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