2 Bedroom Ocean View House

Mermaid — Pacific Grove

16 reviews
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MontereyRentals.com Policies - by checking “I have read and agree to these policies,” or by completing this reservation, accepting keys or taking occupancy to the Premises, I signify my acceptance of and agreement with the policies herein.  

Check in time is 3 pm.  Check out time is 11 a.m.


This Agreement may be cancelled up to 60 days prior to arrival. The full amount of the rental is due within 60 days of arrival and is non-refundable after that date. The down payment, made at the time of the reservation, is completely non-refundable.

A $35 change fee will be charged to the credit card used to make the original reservation for any change to an existing reservation.


The Premises are located in a residential neighborhood that includes both short-term guests and year-round residents who enjoy living in a tranquil environment. Maximum occupancy rates are strictly enforced.

Special events and/or large parties, such as weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthday/anniversary celebrations, are strictly prohibited, and are a violation of the rental property owner's rental permit. A small dinner party or gathering for no more than one and one half times the number of guests who are accommodated at the Premises is permitted.

Note: If you are planning an event during your stay, please be sure you have arranged for a venue other than the Premises (contact us for suggestions of alternate venues). If you did not understand these policies when you booked your reservation and wish to cancel your stay, please contact us within 24 hours of making your reservation, and we will fully refund any payment made and cancel any future obligation.

Security Deposits and Accidental Damage Safeguard

Security deposits (if any) are charged to the credit card used to secure the reservation seven days prior to arrival and returned seven days after departure, or an itemized statement indicating the basis for and the disposition of the deposit or any part of it will be provided.

Security deposits, if any, will be held in the trust account of Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals. All or any portion of the security deposit, upon termination of occupancy, may be used as reasonably necessary, to (i) pay any sums still due; (ii) repair damage, excluding ordinary wear and tear, caused by the occupants, by any guests, or by any licensees of the occupants; (iii) clean the Premises; (iv) replace or return personal property or appurtenances.

Accidental Damage Safeguard (“ADS”) is a non-refundable fee for which Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals assumes the liability associated with minor accidental damages to the rented premises or its contents during occupancy relative to this reservation. ADS is not insurance, nor should it be interpreted as such. ADS allows Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals to waive occupants’ responsibility for reported accidental damage up to a maximum aggregate amount of $1,500.00.

ADS becomes effective upon check-in (and may not be purchased after check-in) and terminates upon departure of the occupants or at 11 am on the last day of the rental term (“check-out time”), whichever occurs first. Unreported damages, non-accidental damages, excluded damages, or damages exceeding $1,500.00 dollars are the sole responsibility of the occupants. The purchase of ADS does not in any way negate occupants’ responsibility to care for the Premises as if it were occupants’ own home. The cost to repair damage attributable to occupants or occupants’ invitees due to intentional acts, willful misconduct, gross negligence, abuse of the Premises, violation of these rental policies, or animals will not be paid under the ADS, and remain the responsibility of the occupants.

Damage must be reported to Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals prior to “check-out time.” The ADS applies only to loss or damage to the rented premises or its contents. The applicability of ADS to damaged property (and any determination of the extent of damage and/or the cost of repairs thereof) shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals.

Note:  We understand that accidents happen. You obviously do, too, since you have made this purchase—so please do not hesitate to contact us if accidental damage occurs during your stay. We want to know about it, so that 1) your ADS is applicable, and 2) we can make repairs for both you and future guests.

Cleaning and cleaning fees

-Potential extra fee: there is a $25/hour charge for excessive cleaning beyond the standard checkout cleaning.

Departure housekeeping service includes: Replenishing soap and paper products, vacuuming carpets and rugs, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning crumbs and minor food splatters, unloading dishwasher, dusting furniture and other surfaces, laundering one set of sheets per bed and bath linens that are hung in bathrooms upon arrival, cleaning out wood-burning fireplace, and regular chemical servicing of hot tub (where applicable).

Departure housekeeping service does NOT include: Removing spots (such as coffee, wine, and food) from carpets, rugs, and upholstery; unclogging sewer lines due to paper overload (or items other than tissue put into toilets); cleaning major food spills or baked-on food from appliances; cleaning BBQ; washing/loading dirty dishes; moving furniture back to its original place; window washing to remove fingerprints; laundering multiple sets of sheets and bath linens; removal of paper, food, or foreign items from gas fireplace; removal of sand and pine needles from hot tub (where applicable). If your rental has a hot tub, please wash sandy feet before using, and keep it covered when not in use.

All landscaping, furnishings, appliances, and all mechanical, electrical, gas and plumbing fixtures will be properly used by all occupants, and Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals will be immediately notified of any problem or malfunction.  All repairs or replacements caused by the occupant(s) and/or their guests, excluding ordinary wear and tear, and including repair of drain blockages or stoppages unless caused by defective plumbing parts or tree roots invading sewer lines, will be charged to the credit card provided to secure this reservation. Checking "I have read and agree to these policies" and/or completing this reservation, accepting keys, or taking occupancy to the Premises, shall be proof of authorization to charge said credit card accordingly.

Check in: 3 pm or later

Keys and/or entry codes to the Premises will be available at 3 pm on the arrival date listed in the reservation.

Note:  As we often have guests departing the day you arrive, early check-in or storage of luggage in the room before 3 pm on the day of arrival is permitted only by prior arrangement, for which there may be an additional fee.

Check out: 11 am or earlier

As we often have guests arriving the day you check out, late checkout is permitted only by prior arrangement, for which there may be an additional fee. You will be charged a late checkout fee for any time past check out that the Premises is still occupied without prior arrangement. Contact your local representative immediately if your departure may be delayed.

Unauthorized holding over is subject to a minimum charge of 1.5 times the prorated daily rate. Charges for holding over may also include the cost of alternative housing for any guests who may be displaced, as well as any additional housekeeping fees that may be incurred as a result. Checking "I have read and agree to these policies,” or completing this reservation, accepting keys, or taking occupancy to the Premises shall be proof of authorization to charge said credit card accordingly.

General Policies

Those contracting for this rental must be eighteen or older. Occupants will receive notice of occupancy, parking and other terms and conditions that apply to the use of the Premises, and are responsible to ensure that impermissible or inappropriate behavior does not occur at the Premises and that all terms and conditions described herein are met.

Occupants are renting the Premises as transient lodgers from the property owner, who retains full legal, possessory and access rights.

Occupancy is limited to the number of persons for which this reservation was originally made. Visitors are permitted to the extent that the total number of visitors does not exceed twice the number of persons for which this reservation was originally made. Overnight guests are permitted to the extent that the total number of persons sleeping at the Premises does not exceed the total number of persons who may be accommodated in the sleeping accommodations provided in the home. If the Premises are used, in any way, by more or different persons than those scheduled with Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals, (i) Occupants, Authorized Guests and all others may be required to immediately leave the Premises or be removed from the Premises; (ii) Occupants are in breach of this Agreement; and (iii) Occupants/Guests forfeit right to return of any security deposit and are responsible for any expenses relative to the occupancy. Checking "I have read and agree to these poli cies," or completing this reservation, accepting keys, or taking occupancy to the Premises shall be proof of authorization to charge said credit card accordingly.

Condition of Premises: Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals and the property owner make every effort to keep properties in good working order; however, reporting or requesting repairs is not a reason to cancel this Agreement or to receive a refund of any payments made due to the mechanical failure of appliances, video/audio equipment, or any household systems. Occupants will notify Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals upon arrival if anything in or about the premises is found to be damaged or not satisfactorily cleaned.

Access to the Premises by Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals is permitted at any time to make repairs, decorations, alterations, maintenance, or improvements, or to supply necessary or agreed services, to verify compliance with the terms of this Agreement, or in case of emergency. If Premises is offered for sale, occupants will permit it to be shown to prospective buyers, lenders, inspectors or appraisers with reasonable notice.

Should this unit become unavailable for reasons beyond Monterey Bay Vacation Rental’s control, an alternate accommodation may be selected from available properties or the cardholder contracting for this reservation may receive a full refund for any time left unused under this Agreement.

No personal property of the occupants or their guests is insured by Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals or the property owner against loss or damage. Owner does not insure against personal injury to occupants or their guests for any reason other than the condition of the Premises. Occupants agree to carry insurance to protect themselves, their guests, and their personal property from any loss, damage, or injury. Occupants and their guests agree to use Premises at their own risk and indemnify and hold harmless Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals and/or the property owner from any and all liability in regard to their use of Premises. 

In the event of any dispute, the venue is Monterey County, and the laws of the state of California will govern. All parties will mediate any dispute or claim arising from this transaction in Monterey County. In any mediation or court action arising out of this agreement, each party shall be responsible for his own attorney’s fees and costs.

Megan’s Law Database Disclosure: Notice: Pursuant to Section 290.4 of the Penal Code, information about specified registered sex offenders is made available to the public via an Internet Web site maintained by the Department of Justice at http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov. Depending on an offender’s criminal history, this information will include either the address at which the offender resides or the community of residence and ZIP Code in which he or she resides. Neither Landlord nor Owner’s Representative are required to check this website. If further information is desired, please obtain information directly from this website.

The Authorized Occupants are individually and completely responsible for the performance of all obligations under this Agreement, jointly and individually with every other Occupant. 

Occupants will not disturb neighbors, will not use the Premises for unlawful purposes, nor violate any law nor commit waste or nuisance upon or about the Premises.

No property will be removed from the site. The Premises will be returned in the same condition as found upon arrival (excluding routine housekeeping, as described above).

This is a non-smoking property. If evidence of smoking is found, damage and/or cleanup costs, including, but not limited to stains, burns, odors, and removal of debris, will be charged to the credit card provided to secure this reservation. Checking "I have read and agree to these policies," or completing this reservation, accepting keys, or taking occupancy to the Premises shall be proof of authorization to charge said credit card accordingly. All occupants will leave the Premises immediately and forfeit any security deposit. 

Policies Specific to this Property


This property is approved for one dog. Occupants agree to be fully liable for any damages and injuries caused by any animals found on the premises. Any additional animals found on the property will be presumed to be strays and removed by the appropriate agency as prescribed by law.

The Occupants specifically warrant that:

•  The animal has not been attack-trained nor is it known to be considered vicious, nor does it have a history of biting people or animals, or causing property damage.

•  The Occupants are solely responsible for any and all damage or loss to the Premises caused by animals including, but not limited to, carpeting, draperies, wall coverings, doors, furnishings, appliances, and landscaping (including the lawn and shrubbery).

•  All animal waste shall be removed and disposed of promptly.

•  Dogs are not to be left at home alone.

•  All animals shall be maintained so as not to cause annoyance or irritation to others.

•  Upon vacating property, pest eradication will be performed to both the interior and exterior of the premises, including but not limited to fleas, by a licensed pest control company approved in advance in writing by Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals.

•  Upon vacating the property, cleaning services beyond the usual housekeeping services will be performed at the Occupants’ expense to remove all evidence of an animal having occupied the premises, including, but not limited to, removal of animal hair from carpets, drapes, furniture, and all household areas; removal of odors of any type from carpets, drapes, furniture, and all household areas; and repair of any item soiled or damaged by the presence of an animal.


We stayed here for a few nights in late June and really enjoyed our stay. The house was sunny and clean. It had everything we needed and more than enough space for two people. We loved the ocean views from the balcony and welcomed the sea breezes through open doors and windows. The location couldn't be beat -- being less than a block from the ocean, surrounded by scenic coastal trails, within walking distance to great restaurants, and a short drive to Monterey, Carmel, and the Pacific Coast Highway. I would stay here again.

Jennifer from East Bay Area, CA

950 sq. ft. | 2 Bedroom | 2 Bath | Sleeps 4 (1Q, 2T) Max. Occupancy 4

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Dive, kayak, or stand-up paddle in the deep blue waters of Monterey Bay. Hike, bike, or stroll along the coastal trail… and then retreat to this contemporary beachouse.

Two bedrooms downstairs (one has a Queen bed, the other has two Twins) share a full bath with a gorgeous etched glass countertop and double vessel sinks. A spiral staircase leads to the second floor living area, with a fireplace, a flat screen TV, and a second full bath.

High clerestory windows frame blue skies above the modern galley kitchen, with stainless appliances and travertine countertops. And then there's the upper patio: with views of the Bay, this is where you'll toast the end of a perfect day, accompanied by the mesmerizing sounds of the surf.

Pacific Grove Transient Use License #124

Features & Amenities


  • Ocean View — Peek
  • Near the water


  • Kitchen - Full
  • Laundry - In Unit
  • Linens Provided
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Garage


  • Queen Bed
  • Twin/Single Bed (2)


  • Internet - Wireless [Free]
  • Telephone
  • Free Local Calls


  • Beach - 1 Min Walk
  • Restaurant - 10 Min Walk
  • Surfing - Nearby
  • Golfing Nearby
  • Day Spa - Nearby


  • Balcony
  • Deck/Patio


  • Cooking Utensils Provided
  • Refrigerator - Full Size
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker


  • TV - HDTV (3)
  • DVD


  • Smoking Not Allowed
  • Dog Friendly

Room Descriptions


Spacious patio off upper living area


Living areas and patio are upstairs, along with a full bath.


Ocean view from upper story

Breakfast Nook

Breakfast bar seats four

Living Room

Light-filled second story living room


Lover's Point and all the charms of Pacific Grove are at your doorstop.


Everything you need for a perfect beach vacation


Bedroom in soothing shades of blue

Adjoining Room Bathroom

Jack and Jill bath downstairs with beautiful glass vessel sinks

Second Bedroom

Twin beds in second guest room downstairs

Upper Bathroom

Upper level bath with tiled shower


The Aquarium and Cannery Row are close by.


The coastal path and weekly Farmer's Market downtown.


Spiral stairs connect bedrooms to upper living area



Great place!

Reviewed by Vickie

Date 01/04/2019

We spent a few days here with our adult kids. The space was perfect for our family. It was clean and well appointed. The location was fabulous! Walk across the street and you have amazing waves crashing ashore and seals playing in them. We took walks every day. Drive to the peninsula and see the sunset on a clear evening. Close to Carmel, Big Sur and Point Lobos too. Had a ball!

Wonderful Place

Reviewed by donna

Date 10/10/2018

The house was great and wonderful location. I was stay again. Thanks for an enjoyable vacation.

Amazing property - location, decor, everything!

Reviewed by Colleen

Date 10/01/2018

The Mermaid property was magical. The décor was so adorable, very beachy and relaxing. The view of the ocean was awesome; even better was the short walk to the ocean and the nature trail. Spent the mornings watching sea lions and otters while drinking my coffee. Proximity to the aquarium and Cannery Row was great as well. I'd highly recommend this property!

Fantastic unit

Reviewed by Janet

Date 05/28/2018

The unit was absolutely beautiful and in a terrific location. The unit was updated with modern amenities, fun beachy art, glass bowl sinks in the bathrooms, and a gas fireplace which made it very cozy on foggy mornings . The beds were very comfortable. It was one block from the beach and a 5 minute walk to Lovers Point and the Beach House restaurant. The check in and out process was extremely easy. We would definitely go back and are recommending it to all our friends. Thank you for a wonderful stay.


Reviewed by LISA

Date 05/01/2018

Wonderful place! Great location and very clean! Would stay there again!

Gorgeous, Clean & Charming!

Reviewed by Laura

Date 02/05/2018

This property is everything you dream of when it comes to a home away from home. It was spotless, bright and just steps away from the water and the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail. I highly recommend this home for your next stay, it will not disappoint!

Beautiful place

Reviewed by W. B. Anderson

Date 10/07/2017

This house is beautifully constructed with lovely amenities. It is wonderfully located across street from ocean with two partial views (another house in front of it). Bathrooms are gorgeous, very clean, bright, and colorful. Attention to detail was obviously taken when it came to small things like fixtures. Nice appliance with large refrigerator. Great spot for a romantic getaway in a very quiet neighborhood. Spiral staircase is nicely placed and adds a certain elegance to the house. I would advise future tenants to be strong, active, and healthy as the bedrooms are downstairs and living accommodation upstairs. A small car will be best for this location as I drove a SUV and was challenged when it came to parking. The one car garage is not equipped for anything bigger than a mid-size vehicle.

Rating this house 4 stars out of 5 because master bed is only a queen size and the mattress was kind of hard. Making it a king size with softer mattress (room has the space) would make all the difference. Also, it was unfortunate that when we arrived, we were was unable to access house due to the city paving the only road to get there (one way street). We were not made aware of this prior to arrival. We had to wait and additional hour before we could enjoy the rental. We purposely arrived early so we could enjoy location from beginning to end. Also, on our departure date, the water was turned off and we did not have water to take showers. We understand that the city has work to do everywhere but it would be great for tenants to know so they can adjust. No fun driving 2.5 hours home to take shower when we paid for such a beautiful rental. Bottom line, please be aware of activities such as these that will have huge impact on tenants stay and opinion. The Mermaid is still a beautiful house.

Manager Response

Thank you for your lovely review of Mermaid. We deeply apologize for the inconveniences you suffered during your stay - please contact us to discuss how we can best compensate you. Unfortunately we did not receive advance notice from the City about the paving project, so we were unable to warn you about the road closure and service interruption. If we had known we would have offered to move you to another property - a vacation without water is no vacation!

As far as the bedding situation, there is space for a King, but the owner feels that a larger bed would overwhelm the space. And as for firmness, we’re in a bit of a Goldilocks situation: what one guest considers “too firm” another calls “too soft” and a third thinks is "just right.” Our 24 hour maintenance staff would have been happy to deliver a mattress topper if they had been called - our guest’s comfort is our first priority.

Great space, quiet location

Reviewed by Brennan

Date 09/04/2017

We visited the weekend of August 25th 2017 and stayed two nights. The location was great for quick access to the ocean and walking trail. We walked into town Saturday and had a great time. The house is clean, modern and a great value. There are partial ocean views from the patio area and the kitchen.

Home away from Home

Reviewed by Christy

Date 08/20/2017

We stopped at the Mermaid on our way back from the World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica and could not have been more pleased! The house is lovely, a few steps from the Monterrey trail and walkable to Cannery Row! A short trip to Carmel for a red carpet event! The house has everything you could need and is comfortable, clean and very homey!

Wonderful Stay

Reviewed by Rebecca

Date 07/14/2017

We loved our stay! Very clean and nice property less than a block from the ocean and away from any busy traffic. Balcony was lovely, lighting in the home was gorgeous. Perfect size for a couple or a family of 4. We stayed with our pet and he loved it too! We were able to go right out to the walking trail along the ocean every morning for a jog. You are only about a mile walk to Canery Row area which was nice. Overall pleased and would stay again.

Great house with excellent location!

Reviewed by Jennifer

Date 07/03/2017

We stayed here for a few nights in late June and really enjoyed our stay. The house was sunny and clean. It had everything we needed and more than enough space for two people. We loved the ocean views from the balcony and welcomed the sea breezes through open doors and windows. The location couldn't be beat -- being less than a block from the ocean, surrounded by scenic coastal trails, within walking distance to great restaurants, and a short drive to Monterey, Carmel, and the Pacific Coast Highway. I would stay here again.

Second Floor Is A Treat

Reviewed by Mark

Date 06/27/2017

The best part about this rental is the upstairs which is a large open space with a kitchen, living room and dining room with an outdoor porch. Also on the 2nd floor is a very bright and airy full bathroom. The 1st floor master bedroom is a little dark but the bathroom downstairs is very nice with 2 sinks and a shower. The 2nd bedroom has 2 twin beds and is also connected to the bathroom - very nice set up.The pictures are a bit misleading. The house is in an alley and the view of the bay is obstructed by another rental that actually has a full view. The unit does need a little more attention paid to the details. The kitchen lacks a full set of cookware, there were cobwebs on the windows both inside and outside and the red trim paint around the doors comes off when you touch it. There is very little landscaping and the touch-up painting inside is obvious. One of the hinges on ottoman in the living room is broken and another living room cushioned chair would be nice. For the price of this rental the little details should be taken care of but the upstairs living space really is a treat.

Manager Response

Thank you for pointing out those details! Cobwebs have been cleaned, cookware has been supplemented, and the ottoman has been repaired.

er aid wonder

Reviewed by Geer Iseke

Date 06/08/2017

Fantastic house, one block back from beach, modern and comfortable layout, great walking and not to far to Monterey, really enjoyed our stay.

Wonderful week on Mermaid Lane!

Reviewed by Donna

Date 08/29/2016

The House was perfect! Clean, bright and located in a quiet neighborhood. The upstairs patio with a view of the water was perfect at the end of the day to enjoy some great Monterey wine. I would like to thank Kyle and Monterey Bay Property Management for being so helpful and making our trip perfect! Thanks! Donna

Fun house, great location

Reviewed by A FlipKey verified reviewer

Date 12/07/2013

We loved our 4 days at Mermaid. The house was perfect for our Thanksgiving holiday. It was clean, well appointed, and just a half block to the beach. The spiral staircase was interesting, a challenge at first.

Awesome place with an even more amzaing location!

Reviewed by Roger

Date 06/28/2013

Stayed at Mermaid for nearly 30 days during my move to Monterey. Could not have been happier with the place. If you love sun, there is plenty that comes into this residence. Was even able to bring the dog (wish cats could too given no carpet in the house). I would have to say the heated bathroom floors and few hundred feet from the activity trail/ocean top my list!



Have Questions?

Local Contact: Kyle

Phone: 831 233-7972

Email: Click here to send email